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What I'm looking for..

..is something to take four people (2 adults, two kids) when touring rather than an aeros machine. However, I've just started looking and it's pretty clear that most kits are two seaters, but things are changing fast with the Jabiru J400 and the Vans RV-10 both looking very interesting for different reasons.

The comments below are based on very little research so far since I haven't been looking long. If you have better information, than please let me know.

Each manufacturer's name below links to their website.


I have seen the J400 reviewed in 2 magazines now. One really didn't pay it many compliments, but I wonder if that tells me more about the author's expectations than the plane itself. I'll be going up to see the Jabiru myself, so I'll be able to make up my own mind on some of the points. It does seem to be at the lighter, cheaper end of things from what little I know so far. The second review started with this in mind and thus gave a much better impression.





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